Biology & Technology – friend or foo?

Yfke Laanstra

How ironic: the growing fascination for transcending biology, our human body, by the application of computer technology. From the assumption that our human body is obstructing our growth, our potential.

By the use of chips, bionic limbs (robot technology), wearables (portable gadgets like heart rate watches, programmed head bands etc), the application of Gen/Nano technology or the uploading of your brain to a computer.
Let’s call the Light version of this Biohacking, the Advanced version Transhumanism.

Ironic an the sense that we haven’t even mastered or (re)discovered our biological capacities. We haven’t even grasped the way our biological supercomputer works, let alone managed to work with it. We haven’t even mastered our potential to delete restricted programming from our minds and upgrade our consciousness to a whole new level.

Or let me put it this way: this knowledge ís available and we’ve been capable of using these skills but this knowledge is hardly available to most of humanity. Mainstream media uses outdated assumptions and perspectives of humanity, of who we are, of what we’re capable of and what part we play in the universe.

Check out Soulvalley, reloading lost data_

Instant Enlightenment
We apparently have the tendency to look for a Quick Fix, a Turnkey solution. The solution that provides ‘Instant Enlightenment’ by the push of a button. A solution that is to be found outside of ourselves, that is necessary to move to the next level in our evolution.

Artificial Obsession
What is it with our obsession for everything artificial….

Like how we tend to forget, even undervalue true inner beauty and loose ourselves in the search for artificial beauty.
Born from the illusion that this will boost our self-esteem. How many of us become dependent on make up and sometimes end up choosing plastic surgery: literally implanting artificial substances to be able to show a certain image on the outside. Maybe a ‘mask’ is a better choice of words.
But understandable when you think of the fact that natural beauty is something that happens on the inside and doesn’t create any profit in our consumption based economy.

Somewhere along the way we have forgotten what truly nourishes us, where our true power lies. What our body needs and what supports our biology. The healthcare and food industry also focus more and more on creating artificial, chemical alternatives to food and medicine. Treating illnesses with artificial, chemical and technological products and solutions.

There is a collective amnesia concerning our true source of healing or nutrition…. on what dimensions (spiritual, psychological, emotional and mental) need nourishment apart from merely our physical dimension.

Our true calling is to (re)discover our full (biological) potential...

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